Puppy Training Guide: Recall

Step 1

Have someone your puppy is familiar with restrain him. Hold a treat in front of your puppy’s nose, but do not let him take it. Move backwards a few feet, stop and call him using his name, and then your call back word (“come” is the most common).

Step 2

Dogs can understand body language easier than words, be open by holding your arms outstretched. As your puppy runs towards you, praise him enthusiastically and keep calling him in an exciting tone.

Step 3

As he gets to you, hold out the treat with one hand while placing your other hand outstretched below it. Draw him in closer, and gently take hold of his collar. Once you have hold of the collar, give him praise and the treat. Do not reach for him, or grab at him, he must come to you on his own free will. If you force him, he may learn to avoid you in the future.