Puppy Training Guide: Sit

Teach your dog the sit command by following these 3 simply steps.

Step 1

Wait until your puppy is standing and draw his attention to you using a food treat. Hold the treat a few inches above his nose. If your puppy jumps up and tries to get the treat, it means you are holding it too high. Although training should be interesting for you and your dog, it also shouldn’t come across as a game. Training requires focus, if your dog becomes too excited, he will lose focus and you may have to stop the training until a later time. 

Step 2

As soon as your puppy moves his nose to take the treat, move the treat backwards towards his tail, keeping it just a few inches above his nose at all times. As his head and nose moves back following the treat, he should also move in to the sitting position.

Be careful not to move the treat back too fast, or too far, this could cause him to move backwards instead of sitting. Also, make sure there aren’t any toys or other objects that could cause your puppy to become distracted.

Step 3

The second your puppy’s bottom hits the ground, give him the treat and praise him while gently petting him. Now, repeat the process, and as you are moving the treat backwards, say the command ‘sit’. Eventually, your dog will link the word ‘sit’ + the action of sitting with receiving a treat and praise.