Puppy crying when left alone – separation anxiety

If you’ve raised a dog from a young age, chances are you and your puppy have experienced separation anxiety in some capacity.

What is Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is very common in dogs, especially when they are young. This condition it brought on when the dog is separated from someone he is close to (usually the owner), and can bring with it a host of unwanted behaviors, the most common being whining or crying.

How to stop puppy crying

The truth is, there is no easy fix, dogs are social animals and as such, they simply don’t like being on their own. With that said, it is certainly possible to stop this behavior, but you must be firm and consistent in your training methods.

Important first step, you must establish somewhere for your dog to sleep. This could be somewhere on the floor in the kitchen, in a crate or kennel, or in your bedroom if you plan on letting him sleep there. Make sure to place training pads or something that the puppy can go to the toilet on in his sleeping area, as well as something he can lie on, like a blanket or pillow.

Puppy’s own sleeping area

While you dictate where your puppy sleeps, initially, he may not take to it, it is important that you create a positive connection for him to that place. Lure him using treats, to the place you want your puppy to sleep, don’t pick him up and place him there, he must go on his own.

Do not react to crying

It’s frustrating when your puppy is whining for you, keeping both you and your neighbors up all night, but you should never give your puppy attention when he cries. Doing so will only encourage him to cry each and every time you leave him alone, because he knows you will come back for him.

Exercised, fed, and ready for bed

Make sure your puppy has had plenty of exercise before going to bed. If your puppy is tired and full, he should sleep a lot easier. The first few days/weeks can be hard, but remain consistent! Keep a routine for dinner, exercise and bed time. After a while, he will become accustomed to the pattern you have set and the whining will subside.