Where to find your dog

Rescue Groups / Shelters If you want a puppy, a purebred dog or possibly even both, you should first look at the shelters or rescue groups, which are volunteer-run organizations that sometimes focus on one breed and usually use foster families to care for dogs until they find a suitable family to pair them with […]

August 14, 2018
5 games to play with your puppy indoors

It can be a struggle for anyone to find the time during the winter days to play with your puppy, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 fun games you can play inside your own home

October 10, 2015
How to properly handle a puppy

Place one hand under his bottom and another around his chest. Hold him firmly, but be gentle and don’t hold him too tight. Keep him close to your body

October 4, 2015
Games for your dog

Toys are anything that doesn’t splinter, won’t break into smaller sharp objects, and is non-toxic, something that won’t cause harm in anyway

September 10, 2015