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Train using Positive Reinforcement


Positive Reinforcement Training

  • Positive Reinforcement training is the humane way of teaching your dog good behaviour. Essentially, you will be rewarding good behaviour with treats and praise while ignoring or correcting bad behaviour. For example, if your puppy is chewing on the furniture, give a command word such as 'No' and then substitute the furniture with a chew toy, once the puppy focuses on the chew toy, give him praise.

  • Recent studies have proven that punishing dogs for unwanted behaviour leads to higher rate of behavioural problems, as well as lower obedience. Hitting a puppy because they pee inside the house won't teach them that they shouldn't do it, it will teach them that they shouldn't do while in front of you. So instead, they will wait until they are alone, run behind a door to eliminate or even consume their own poop to hide all evidence!

  • Patience and consistency is key when training your puppy, though, there are a few items that can help as well!

  • You will want to start with some basic training commands. Pick one command to start with; training sessions should only last around 5 minutes, this is to avoid mental exhaustion and/or boredom. Puppies find it hard to focus, especially at a really young age, so you need to make training as exciting as possible. Training for 5 minutes, 3 or 4 times a day is a good routine to aim for.

    After a week or so of training, if you are making progress, consider introducing a new command. Don't overload your puppy with too much mental activity.

Getting started with Basic Training

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