Are Pit Bulls dangerous

What response would you expect if you asked a stranger the question ‘What is the most dangerous breed of dog?’. If asked that question, I immediately think of a Pit Bull, and perhaps, so do you. There is a reason for this. Pit Bulls are responsible for most dog on human attacks. Per, Pit Bulls are involved in 66.4% of fatal attacks on humans from 2005 to 2019, with Rottweilers coming a distant second with 9.8% fatal attacks.  So, it would make sense that Pit Bulls are in the news more often than other breeds of dog. The reality is, all dog breeds can be aggressive, some more than others, but not all dogs can commit fatal attacks.

Advocates for removing restrictions on Pit Bulls would argue that the stereotype Pit Bulls have is unwarranted, and that most Pit Bulls are well-behaved, that it all comes down to the owner and how the Pit Bull is raised. There might be some truth to this. A study from looked at Pit Bull owners and found that people who gravitate towards Pit Bulls and other high-risk breeds have 10 times more criminal convictions than those who gravitate toward lower-risk breeds.

Certainly, going by the statistics, Pit Bulls appear to be very dangerous. However, If raised correctly, with proper training, love and kindness, any dog can be well-behaved, gentle, affectionate and obedient.  

If you are thinking about adding a Pit Bull to your family, keep in mind that ownership of a Pit Bull is prohibited in numerous countries. Some of the countries Pit Bulls are banned in:

  • Bermuda
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Ecuador
  • Fiji
  • Malaysia
  • Norway
  • Puerto Rico
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Venezuela