Goals For Puppyhood

Environmental Confidence

To be confident with the various sights, sounds and smells in his environment, this is what your puppy must learn. Take him to different places and socialize him in a positive way. Every day, try to introduce him to new textures, objects, people, noises, etc. It is a good idea to try and take him to around 4 different places each week.



Your puppy must learn to be confident in himself. He can succeed more, the better your directions are. The more your puppy succeeds, the more you can praise him. When he accomplishes tasks, and you praise him, the more confident he will become. Give your puppy around ten simple tasks to complete per day, in order to have him earn praise and confidence.


Building Confidence Through Leadership

During these early days, you impress upon your puppy in a very big way. He will notice how you act as his primary caregiver and leader, he will also gain a foundational perspective of humans from the examples you set while raising him. How you interact and behave with your puppy sets the tone and stage for the many years that will follow. Build his confidence by keeping your behaviour positive and trustworthy.


Accepting New Objects

Investigation and acceptance of new objects is something that you can help your dog with, by giving good directions and praise. Praise your dog for following your lead. Introduce him to many different objects, each encounter should have a positive outcome. Touch an object that you want your dog to investigate and praise him enthusiastically when he shows interest.


New Challenges

Have your puppy tackle various small tasks so he can earn praise for completing them. Completing many different tasks and earning praise will encourage your dog to become more confident. Eventually, he will learn to take on new challenges without fear.