Should I get a male or female dog

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a dog, gender is but one. Just as a human boy and girl differ in personality and gender specific characteristics, so do male and female dogs. Let’s first look at the female dog:

  • Easier when it comes to potty training
  • More independent. Although, at times, can be more demanding of attention
  • Overall, female dogs are easier to train
  • Forms a stronger bond with their owner
  • Unsprayed female dogs will experience heat twice a year. During this time, female dogs will have blood-mixed vaginal discharge that can be quite messy. Male dogs will be drawn to a female dog in heat, so be careful when out in public. 

Male dog:

  • Territorial (more aggressive. barking, chasing, snapping at people passing windows, doors etc)
  • More active  
  • Male dogs are thought to be more playful than female dogs
  • More likely to suffer from separation anxiety
  • Male are generally more dominant
  • Males tend to be stronger and bigger than females
  • Easily distracted

The above-mentioned points are generalizations and do not hold true for all dogs, there are of course both male and female dogs that would take on the behavioural characteristics of the opposite gender. A final note is that the American Veterinary Medical Association advises against the pairing on two dogs of the same sex due to increased aggression.


Whichever gender you choose to get, here is a short video of the most popular male and female dog names in 2020!